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Cupboard detox

Hey everyone, happy 1st June to you all! I can’t believe we are half way through the year already. Time really does fly by, and that’s why it’s important not to take any of it for granted. In South Africa we celebrate June as Youth Month, with June 16th being a special day. What do you celebrate in your own country? A new month also means a fresh start to what ever you didn’t accomplish during the previous month and to continue to push through what you have started. So let’s get cracking with our detox.

Cupboard detox


This is a must, if you haven’t been doing so already I would encourage you to give your cupboards a good detox and I’m going to help you. When cleaning out your cupboard there is a few questions to ask yourself.

1. Does it fit?

2. Have I worn it in the last 12 months?

3. Does it make me feel good?

4. Is it in bad condition? Can it be fixed?

5. Does it go with at least three other things in my wardrobe?

If you answer no to any of these questions it’s time to part ways. I know this is hard, and I speak from experience because the reason I buy something is because I like it, so it’s difficult to say good-bye to good items. What I usually do is separate the good from the bad, and the good ones I give away. The bad ones I throw away or use as a cleaning rag believe it or not.

Next step is to sort through what you’d like hanging up and what you prefer packed in drawers. Also separating your work clothing from your everyday clothing helps with getting done in the mornings. Now would also be a good time to go through what you need to replace and take stock of for the coming season. Remember to go through all your drawers, take a day out to feel the satisfaction of a good cupboard detox.

So I hope these tips come in handy for your cupboard detox. It’s also fun to browse around at what you could stock up on after the cleanse, get some new ideas to try out.

Happy cleaning!!! 🙂



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