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Wedding #1

My truest passion is in wedding planning, it makes me so excited to even just have this conversation. Many girls dream up their weddings from a young age, I started when I met my match –> Shout out to my number one man <—

There are so so so many options to choose from for your wedding, so my goal through my wedding tags is hopefully to give you ideas that are as beautiful as the stars but affordable (as I’m sure everyone knows, whether married or not, that weddings can be a huge expense). And of course let’s have the end result of Happily ever after shall we 🙂

Burgers and Milkshake

Something really tricky about weddings are the menus. Trying to find a good menu that pleases everyone’s taste buds can be a bit challenging. I find this is also the one topic that gets the most criticism. SO, why not simplify it? The burgers and milkshake theme is a very happy-go-lucky option. Everyone eats burgers, and who doesn’t enjoy a good milkshake. I’m going to try and not divert from the topic at hand as I will have more posts about different themes and ideas. As this is rather nontraditional, your menu will just consist of burgers and milkshake of course. The burger idea is more of a DIY adventure. Guests attending your wedding will have the options of making up their own burgers from the options you have spread out. It’s a fun idea and creates for a great atmosphere.

The milkshake option should accompany the colour scheme of your wedding. Think out the box here as there are different kinds of milkshakes you can offer…gourmet milkshake, fruity milkshake, alcoholic milkshake and then just the normal kind. Make it stand out 🙂

I’m definitely having a milkshake after this, I’ve sold the idea to myself lol. I like this idea is very unique and playful, but more ideas will come. Let me know your thoughts? What colours would you choose and what would you change?

Lots of love

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