Winter daze

I love winter, it’s the perfect weather to just cozy up at home with a good movie or book and plenty of snacks…Yesterday we had quite a bit of a storm. So many news articles on being prepared and stocking up on goods which made me think a little. I’d say fortunately enough we don’t experience bad storms as much as other places do, but we should all be prepared for those bad winter days.

Soooo, welcome to my winter preparation and I hope you enjoy it ♥ ♥

The luxury cupboard

This is the first and most important thing to stock up on in my books. We have a sweet drawer in the kitchen where we keep all our luxuries. I love it! So for winter the ideal snacks are popcorn, chips, chocolates, and some jelly sweets that’s sugar coated! That’s a must. Maybe some marshmallows as well and hot chocolate.

Some great movies

Now with great rain comes great movies/series, so this should always be stocked somewhere that’s easily accessible. At the moment my favorite series are: Thirteen reason why, NCIS Los Angeles, Just Tattoo of us and Ex on the beach (I love reality programs). My all time favorite movies are anything with Zac Efron, he’s definitely a favorite. I also love Nicholas Sparks movies like The Choice, The Longest Ride, Safe Haven (Ultimate best) and The Lucky One.


The outfit

Because it’s cold in winter we need some fluffy accessories. A good warm blanket, some pretty slipper socks and cozy pj should be enough. At the moment I’m sporting a pink fluffy Superman pjs, it’s thee best ever and I would love to eventually get a couples 1-zee, just for the fun of it lol How do you feel about 1-zees? Yay or Nay?

I think these are my most important elements to a great winter ☁☂💦 Aside from keeping safe on the roads and having actual food in the cupboards oh and of course an umbrella or rain coat and some good boots, it’s a good season to enjoy.

Here’s also something cool I found…I know with some themes you get some awesome emojis but unfortunately on my theme you don’t, and I always love to know how do people do it. So here are some emojis I like and you can just copy and paste them for yourself…have fun


Lots of love!

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