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Easy Hair Part 1

Your hair is 90% of your selfie!

How many of you actually agree with this? I won’t lie, I agree with it. Your hair style can make or break that selfie and that outfit, so we’re going to solve it with a few easy styles you can try.

Right now my all time favourite style is the side braid. For me personally it works when my hairs straight but it works even better when it’s a little damp and curly. I prefer to have a little side pouf accompanying the braid and I always get a lot of compliments on it. I don’t have a picture of my own braid, but here’s how it comes out, celeb style today…


My second go-to option is the messy bun. It’s my every day look. Also what I love about the messy bun is who cares if your hairs super clean or a little dirty, it still looks good 🙂 The bun is also something that can be played with, so either have it tight or real messy.


The inverted braids…love…this is such an awesome look but I don’t think it works too well for thin hair. I’ve tried it and just ended up looking like and avatar (maybe I’m doing something wrong) where as with thicker hair you have that volume needed. It’s also a little tricky to do yourself but a little practice and you can accomplish it.


Then there’s a pony…I can’t say it’s my favourite option but it depends how the pony falls. I like to rough mine up at the top for some body else it just looks boring. An awesome tip though if you have thin hair and need a fuller ponytail, put a grip into your pony and it makes it look a little bigger…works amaze!

Part 2 to follow…happy hair my beauties xoxo

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