Healthy living

Gym babe

Hey guys, it’s heading into Monday eve and it’s pretty dark outside!! I hope you’ve all had a good day so far! Usually Mondays are the days you go full on back into the fitness swing after eating your heart out on the weekend..hehehe…or is that just me?

Being fit is really a way of life. It’s not something that should be done to please anyone but yourself. I don’t belong to a gym, I prefer to mix up my routines in my own space. Plus, I would probably spend most of the time doing the wrong things or just having a fat laugh at myself…What’s important to me is finding exercises that I enjoy doing. I love mountain climbers so I push hard on that. I also enjoy skipping so I push on that for warm ups. During the week we try and stay away from luxuries, that’s something to indulge in over weekends. It’s important to keep a healthy balanced diet, lots of water, fruits and veg. I don’t believe in giving up on foods you love but I do believe in being wise about what you put in…avoid junk food guys! As tempting as Mac Ds can be eeeek.

Here’s a few inspiring pics/quotes which I hope will hit home where it needs to. They are some of my favourite. What’s your thoughts on keeping fit and daily health routines?


Love your body, mind and soul.

Sweetest dreams cherrypops xoxo

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