Facebook or instagram?

Hey guys I’m needing your input on here today so get comfy.
I’ve been off the social media scene for a couple of years now, but when you’re wanting to advertise your business these two social media platforms seem to be the most common ones.
My question to you is…which one would you recommend as the best one to promote yourself if I can put it that way. How many of you are using it for similar reasons?
I’d really love your input here because I’m finding it hard to decide on an option and I only want one. Any advise let’s hear it.
My thought for today is to never give up on your dreams. Not everyone will see what you see as the end goal, but only one is important and that’s what you see.
Lots of love

5 thoughts on “Facebook or instagram?”

  1. I have both but I very rarely actually create new content for my facebook page I just share my blog posts, new items from etsy etc to it as it only takes a few clicks. You can also share your instagram posts on facebook too with very little effort. One of the advantages of facebook is it gives you lots of info about how many people are looking at your page etc. I think if I absolutely had to chose only one though it would be instagram.

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    1. Hey luv,
      Thank you so much for your advise, I had no idea you could see all that on facebook it’s been so long. I think I’m leaning towards instagram a little bit more, but I feel like facebook may have a bigger community…lets hope I decide soon though 🙂

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  2. Hey Claire,
    Facebook would be a better option because they’re a lot more people on it, hence, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience.

    You run a blog about crafts, so using Instagram would also be great because people can see pictures of your work.

    P.S: It really wouldn’t be a bad idea to use both. I would recommend both Social Media platforms.

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    1. Hey luv,
      Thanks so much for your suggestion, I’m finding it such a hard decision to make omg. But I’ll defs take into consideration what you’ve said and hopefully I will come to a decision soon.


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